With over 27 years of experience Labor Tech Inc has established itself as the leading Hardscape Contractor in the Saint Louis area.  Our large clientele list of satisfied customers is clear proof that we deliver on our promises.  We have developed many long term friendships with customers and they would gladly attest to our good character.  We know that finding a trustworthy contractor is not always easy on the nerves but we assure you that meeting with us will put you at ease.  With us you can forget about the negative connotations of contractors,  we do all the work ourselves so nothing is jobbed out and we are A+ accredited with the BBB.

What is Hardscaping

st louis natural stone stairs

Hardscaping is the “structural” or “inanimate” part of landscaping, the materials used include bricks / pavers, natural stone , poured concrete and blocks.   Hardscapes serve many purposes such as erosion control, pavement for high traffic areas, and to make landscape more aesthetically pleasing.

Our most common hardscape projects are:

Unlike a general landscape company that may offer lawn mowing, a St. Louis hardscape contractor needs to be a specialist. We must have a strong understanding of soil erosion and know how to calculate and produce structures that will withstand pressure whether that be a retaining wall or a  paver driveway.  Trust us not every company that offers hardscaping services is a specialist, we have been hired many times to fix retaining walls that have collapsed and paver patios that have sunk.  There are right and wrong ways to do things and not to toot our own horn but we have a proprietary systems for delivering the highest quality hardscapes that our competition have a hard time matching.

Reasons why you should consider contacting us.

Professionalism: All our personnel are professionals who are highly skilled, experienced and determined to ensure that they meet your specific needs and preferences.

Reliable: Time is one of the most important resources in the world that needs to be well managed. We have put in place working protocol that helps us complete the hardscape project within the agreed time frame.

Affordable: High quality hardscape service does not necessarily have to be expensive. We have tailored our prices to help you save money.

A+ Rated: We are one of the only BBB A+ accredited hardscape companies in St Louis.